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Lettering Artist / Logo Designer

Hi, I'm Mike. I live and breathe a creative lifestyle. Most people describe me as being passionate and optimistic. I find myself asking the question 'why not' because my belief is you can do anything you set your mind to. This curiosity allows me to dive into projects without any preconceived ideas. And gives me the ability to focus on your story and how we can communicate the most captivating image for your brand.​

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Brand Identity

Visual appearance of your brand.

Brand Strategy

Who, What, Why, Where, How.

Hand Lettering

Custom lettering for a variety of your needs.

Motion Graphics

Intro titles and animated logos.


Brand Identity



Logo Design and Identity Systems

We will work to create the most honest and captivating image of your brand. There will be heaps of research and iterations to discover the best visual appearance for your business. We will explore several possibilities to communicate your brand effectively and concisely towards your target market. We will create the finest visual identity of your brand by our relentless motivation for helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

Brand Guidelines

This is a complete guide to help you and your brand stay consistent. The guide will structure and point out the correct and incorrect ways to use the visual aspect of your brand. It will include the following and more depending on the project needs: logo usage, icon usage, colours, typography, graphic elements, introduction, values, the tone of voice, and applications. 

Taking what you want to say and exploring the best way to communicate that message effectively amongst your audience. Here to help with naming your company or even creating a tagline for a banner ad, and everything in between. We will identify and magnify the most truthful voice of the company.

Naming and Messaging

How are you engaging with your audience? Do you need help with print or digital campaigns? Helping create material that is consistent with your brand's visual identity as well as it's authentic voice and values. The mission is to help your brand grow effectively with any of your print, digital, and social media needs.

Marketing and Brand Collateral

Brand Strategy



User Profiles

How are your customers interacting with your brand? Is it a local shop with a storefront, or is it mostly online based? Where will your audience interact with your brand? We will map out scenarios where the target audience may interact with the brand. By doing this we will be able to identify weaknesses and predict how customers will behave. 


What is the brand, and how does it relate to your audience? We will dive into the heart of the brand and discover what benefits and advantages you have to offer for your customers. We will start to understand how people will perceive your brand and the emotional connection that comes with it.

What problem are we solving for the customer, and what are their needs? We will explore motivations, behaviours, and frustrations of the target market to discover unfulfilled needs. Understanding your customer's needs will help give you competitive advantages over your competition.

Customer and Revenue analysis

What's the voice of your brand? What are the brand's values? We will examine the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of your brand. This will help us discover the personality, language, actions, functionality, assumptions, and physical traits through imagery about the brand. These qualities help us identify brands.

Brand Attributes

Competitive Audit

How do we target customers more effectively? We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand's competitive landscape. This will help us understand the target market better and allow us to target those customers more effectively. It will help guide the brand to make intelligent decisions to grow the brand.

Hand Lettering



Creating custom type for you and your business. Lettering for just about any application. Digital and Analog. For logos, posters, social media, murals (indoor and outdoor), chalk boards, windows, canvases, wood, prints, apparel, furniture, and stickers, just to name a few. The craziest project I've received so far was to letter some script on a couple small feathers.

Custom Lettering

Motion Graphics