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Laneway Festival

Event Collateral and Poster Design  
The team at Laneway Festival inquired about my help to develop a festival campaign for their upcoming 2022 event. They wanted to focus on creating a magical music and festival experience while retaining the humanistic roots of how the event came to be.  

The Process

Developing a magical experience  

It was important to understand what motivates young people to attend music festivals. Most do it to escape reality for a night or a weekend. They do it for an artist line-up that is too good to miss. They also attend because of the feeling that the overall festival presents to them through branding, retailers, musicians, art installations, and event organizers. Having a magical brand identity would help set the tone of the experience and allow for other aspects of the festival to fall into place. Furthermore, creating a bit of magic.

Image by Aditya Chinchure

Setting the tone

Keeping true to the roots  

It was crucial that, whilst making a magical festival experience we maintained the values of the brand. Coming from the laneways in Melbourne where in the beginning they forgot to put a roof over the stage, or they didn't use a production manager, they put the event together themselves with their own hands. 

We wanted to communicate to the viewer that the festival was magical, but also had a raw human voice throughout all touchpoints. 

Untitled_Artwork 5.png
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