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My name is Mike. Born and raised in the biggest little city, Reno, Nevada. Now living in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a creative soul who is passionate about all things creative. Design, lettering, music, nature, food, films, skateboarding, just to name a few. The thing I enjoy doing most of all is anything involving lettering. I love crafting beautiful script and hand lettered pieces for logos, murals, lifestyle brands, custom artwork pieces, social campaigns, posters, animated intros, and fonts.

I love the feeling of isolating myself from the world and letting my creative mind wander. The process of creating something is very zen-like, and now I want to share with you guys my process and how I create these awesome works of art. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for videos focused around lettering in analog and digital forms. I also share what tools are most useful for my creation process. See ya soon! (:

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