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James Victore Booklet

Editorial Booklet Design  
The objective of this project was to select a modern designer and develop an informative booklet about and in the style of the designer. Through research and experimentation, I was able to discover how it feels to be free, as well as, create a booklet design that gave insight into James' history and what ideas he can share with creatives.

Thumbnail Sketch

Planning Space and Form    

During the thumbnail and rough stage, I planned out how the composition of the final booklet design would fit the required information. Sketching the layout of each panel shown here allows for quick ideation whilst still feeling the essence of what the final product will look like.  

Booklet Design

Digitizing the ideas into their final form  

The design style of Victore allowed for freedom of expression. The front cover lettering is not the most legible, however, it does create visual interest through the complexity of form and invites the viewer to look closer to transcribe the letterforms. 

The main idea communicated through this booklet is to bend the rules of creativity and design to fit within your box, not the other way around.

Untitled_Artwork 5.png
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