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Mood Hair Studio

Discovery | Logo Design   
Mood Hair Studio reached out to help rebrand the business to fit the new direction they were headed in. They wanted to be recognised as one of Northern Nevada's best studios for premium haircuts and styling.
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Starting with why   

A discovery session kicked off our identity design project. Here we discussed the service and what problem it solves for a particular user. We discussed the business's goals, pain points, and described our ideal customer. Diving deep we discovered what makes the brand unique as well as its purpose for existing. We used data and research to develop a strategic roadmap for brand success.

craft hair cuts

Lower upkeep and long-lasting style  

The purpose of the business was to create a luxury hair experience. They were able to differentiate their brand by positioning themselves as the experts in specialized haircuts for women.


They wanted to help customers retain healthy hair by reducing the need to add unnecessary products and enable them to have a sustainable style for longer with less upkeep.

Image by Oladimeji Odunsi


Getting the vibe right  

Before diving too deep into creating solutions for the client it was crucial we got the correct feeling and vibe they were after. The plan was to develop a unique brand that evoked trust and warmth while maintaining a modern edge.

The collage-like design enables us to envision the overall feeling of the brand as it connects to each element. Using multiple style scapes helped us develop a clearer picture of what the brand would look like and allowed us to take elements from each to create a unique identity.

Logo concepts

Four unique solutions  

Four potential solutions were presented to the client. Each had a unique feeling and style that connected to the brand's vision. However, it was important to choose the logo that would reflect the brand's image the best.

The third solution (bottom left) was most aligned with the brand's purpose. To make a warm welcoming experience and leave you with a premium styled haircut. 


Mood logo

Solution that identifies the brand's values  

The serif typeface establishes trust with the unique characteristics of the word mark visualizing what they specialize in which are styled cuts. The head serif of the 'm' and the ascender of the 'd' act as a blade edge which symbolizes their specialty of hair cuts. The heavy weight of the typeface creates a memorable mark that stands out amongst the local competitors.

Untitled_Artwork 5.png
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